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Tom Maher, DELLWireless Communications Track - Panel DiscussionIn order to fill a busy conference schedule at our events around the world, we are constantly seeking Reverse Logistics professionals from companies involved in manufacturing, retail, or brand marketing, and academic institutions, to serve as speakers and panelists. We are also interested in consultants with a thorough knowledge of Reverse Logistics to serve as panel discussion moderators. The areas of focus for our speakers and panel discussions include, but are not limited to the following:

Dan Gilbert, Cisco SystemsAftermarket Supply Chain, IT Solutions for Reverse Logistics, Wireless Communications, Online Auctions & Marketplaces, Environmental and Regulatory Requirements, Warranty Returns and Repairs, Outsourcing RL Services, Repair Technologies, e-Waste/Recycling, and many more!

Many successful past conference presentations and panel discussions have focused on case studies involving a manufacturer or retailer and the service solution which was provided by a third party service provider. These presentations typically follow a Problem to Solution format and detail the problem faced by the company and the way it was solved. Following is a good example from a recent conference - "Recessionary Impact on the Reverse Supply Chain and Some Best Practice Considerations" - Target, Dell, HP, Genco ATC

View our registered speakers/panelists in the past year.



In addition to having an opportunity to share your views on Reverse Logistics, each OEM, ODM, Retailer, Branded Company or Academic speaker or panelist receives the following benefits:

  1. Complimentary passes (vouchers, valued at $2,499) for your colleagues for the event at which you are speaking:
    Reverse Logistics Conference & Expos
    • Speaker/Case Study - 4 passes
    • Panelist - 2 passes
    • Moderator - 1 pass
    Reverse Logistics Seminars
    • Speaker/Case Study - 2 passes
    • Panelist - 1 pass
    • Moderator - 1 pass
  2. For OEM and Retailers, a personalized "private meeting room" for quarterly business reviews with your vendors during the conference.
  3. One level upgrade to Reverse Logistics Association membership.
  4. Subscription to our weekly RL News Clippings and monthly RL Magazine.
  5. Electronic copies of all RLA Conference & Expo presentations
  6. Invitation to the Exhibitor/Sponsor/Speaker reception.
  7. Invitation to special Conference events like the Charity Golf Tournament, Canal Cruises, Football Party, and Race Party.
  8. VIP airport pick-up and drop-off (subject to availability).
  9. A speaker gift tote bag filled with goodies from the Exhibitors.
  10. Address successes, issues, new requirements and challenges about your company as a speaker in an open forum with your industry colleagues.

3rd Party Service Providers, who are exhibiting at the event, may participate as a Case Study Speaker to present new case studies with their OEM/ODM Customer, in an educational format that highlight new processes, cost savings, etc., or participate as a Panelist during the conference. Please contact your RLA sales person for details.

Speaker Resources

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Speaker Guide
3PSP, Consultant Release Form
Manufacturer, Retailer, Academic Release Form
RLA Presentation Template
Interested in becoming a speaker at our future events? Please register now!

If you have any questions please contact Felecia Przybyla at 801-928-6320 or email Felecia at
Registered Speakers for the past year
Title Company Event
Director, Reverse Logistics Best Buy Ontario - Apr 2019
Sr Manager, RLC Best Buy Ontario - Apr 2019
Director Of Distribution Best Buy Ontario - Apr 2019
CEO IFixit Ontario - Apr 2019
EVP & GM Of SC Insights Service Council Ontario - Apr 2019
Sr. Manager - Repair & Parts The Home Depot Ontario - Apr 2019
CEO InforMission Solutions LLC Ontario - Apr 2019
EVP&GM Of SC Insights Service Council spe
B Rdalwjzlxsrx Art Maria spe
CEO InforMission Solutions LLC spe
Tkjl Qoisiydn Tamela Mace spe spe
Managing Partner Cambridge Capital Vegas 2019
SVP Commercial Development CoreCentric Solutions, Inc. Vegas 2019
Vice President Operations FedEx Supply Chain Vegas 2019
SVP Marketing & Customer Success FutureDial, Inc. Vegas 2019
COO Cell Phones For Soldiers Vegas 2019
VP Business Development &Client Services GoTRG Vegas 2019
Director Global Reverse Logistics FitBit Vegas 2019
President Dugan, Inc. Vegas 2019
Manager Returns Planning And Strategy HP, Inc. Vegas 2019
Founder Circular CoLab Vegas 2019
VP B-Stock Solutions, Inc. Vegas 2019
CEO & President B-Stock Solutions, Inc. Vegas 2019
Operating Partner Cambridge Capital Vegas 2019
Sr. Manager NA Returns & Remarketing HP, Inc. Vegas 2019
GM Operations Yamaha Vegas 2019
Co-foundeer E-Reuse Services, Inc. Vegas 2019
Senior Program Manager SourceAmerica Vegas 2019
Vice President, Global Service Parts Operations Dell Vegas 2019
Project Manager Under Armour Vegas 2019
Owner LiquidationOH Vegas 2019
Reverse Logistics Purchasing Bargain Hunt Vegas 2019
President Dugan, Inc. Vegas 2019
Senior Merchandise Manager Walmart Vegas 2019
CEO Asset Cellutions Vegas 2019
Business Development Manager Amazon Vegas 2019
Director Of Education & Outreach SERI Vegas 2019
Executive Director SERI Vegas 2019
Cwfqzes Constance Brault ajs1
Sr. Manager Of Product Returns Operations Best Buy Vegas 2019
Lead AI Research Technologist Dell, Inc. Vegas 2019
Co-Founder ERI Vegas 2019
Managing Director Service 800 Vegas 2019
Owner/Founder New Venture Media Vegas 2019
CEO & Cofounder Happy Returns Vegas 2019
EVP And President, RSCG And CAG Liquidity Services Vegas 2019
President Vivitech Solutions Inc Vegas 2019
Lecturer, Supply Chain Management The University Of Kansas Vegas 2019
Director, ITAD Programs CO2Neutral Vegas 2019
Senior Brand Protection Manager GoPro Vegas 2019
VP, Business Development Vivitech Solutions Inc Vegas 2019
CEO PlanITROI Vegas 2019
Senior Director Technology Sales FedEx Supply Chain Vegas 2019
Director Of Service Operations Philips Healthcare Vegas 2019
Senior Account Manager Blancco Technology Group Vegas 2019
Senior Director, Service Supply Chain Dell, Inc. Vegas 2019
Sr. Manager Strategic Relations And Partner Soluti PC-Doctor, Inc Vegas 2019
Managing Director Go Global Brand Investment Platform Vegas 2019
Founder And CEO PC-Doctor, Inc Vegas 2019
SVP Global Services Parts Dell, Inc. Vegas 2019
Senior Manager Of Channel Control, Reverse Logisti The Home Depot Vegas 2019
CEO PowerOn Services, Inc. Vegas 2019
Global Business Development Director TopTen Wholesaler Vegas 2019
Harbert Eminent Scholar In Supply Chain Management Auburn University Vegas 2019
CEO, Cofounder Strangeworks Vegas 2019
Director Of Trade In And Recycle Best Buy Vegas 2019
General Manager Tekovery Vegas 2019
Associate Partner, Supply Chain Optimization Infosys Consulting Vegas 2019
VP Supply Chain Solutions Inmar, Inc. Vegas 2019
Rep Back Market Vegas 2019
Assistant Professor Of Supply Chain Management Colorado State University Vegas 2019
Managing Director Customer Integration NYK Logistics Vegas 2019
Head Of Global Reverse Logistics Cisco Vegas 2019
CEO Tradeloop Corporation Vegas 2019
Senior Manager Of Operations For Logistics Happy Returns Vegas 2019
Associate Professor Of SCM Iowa State University Vegas 2019
Rep EBay Vegas 2019
Professor And Ivy Chair In Business Iowa State University Vegas 2019
Consumer Electronics Business Development Manager Amazon Vegas 2019
PR UPS speake v19_
Vice President, Research CTA Vegas 2019
Vice President, Strategic Industry Programs CTIA - The Wireless Association Vegas 2019
Sales And Marketing Director Eurosoft (UK) Ltd Amsterdam 2018
Chief Operating Officer GoTRG Amsterdam 2018
Sustainability Benelux Region HP, Inc. Amsterdam 2018
General Manager Tekovery Amsterdam 2018
Director Of Business Development Tekovery Amsterdam 2018
Vice President, Service Supply Chain And Campus Le Dell, Inc. Amsterdam 2018
President Service 800 Amsterdam 2018
Reverse Logistics Program Manager Intel Amsterdam 2018
Supervisor European Return Logistics Bose Amsterdam 2018
Business Development Manager: Europe Amazon Amsterdam 2018
Head Of Commercial Returns & Asset Recovery Tesco Amsterdam 2018
Senior Director Sustainability Philips International B.V. Amsterdam 2018
Director Of EMEA B-Stock Amsterdam 2018
Director Of Sourcing Global Resale, LLC Amsterdam 2018
Sr Project Manager Philips Amsterdam 2018
Supply Chain Global Reverse Logistics Manager Cisco Amsterdam 2018
Vice President, Research CTA Vegas 2019
Director Of Returns And Repair The Home Depot Amsterdam 2018
EU Category Manager, Amazon Renewed Amazon Amsterdam 2018
President Retail Supply Group Liquidity Services Amsterdam 2018
VP EMEA Liquidity Services Amsterdam 2018
CEO Of EPR Scheme Eko Cykl Organizacja Odzysku Opakowan Inc. Amsterdam 2018
Faculty, Graduate & Executive Education University Of Tennessee Vegas 2019
Sales Mgr. Ahlers LLC- Rusimpoprt Amsterdam 2018
Sr. Manager,Strategic Relations & Partner Solution PC-Doctor, Inc Amsterdam 2018
Managing Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Georgia Institute Of Technology HomeDepotReturns - Aug 2018
Chief Analytics Officer OnProcess Technology Dallas/FortWorth - Jun 2018
Managing Director Sales FedEx Supply Chain Dallas/FortWorth - Jun 2018
Marketing Manager SAV Group / cebi
Director TCU Dallas/FortWorth - Jun 2018
3 Smith Sele
3 Smith Sele
3 Smith Sele
3 Smith Sele
3 Smith 3 sp
3 Smith 3 sp
3 Smith 3 sp
3 Smith 3 sp
Reverse Logistics Manager, MBA U S Cellular Dallas/FortWorth - Jun 2018
SVP Marketing & Customer Success FutureDial, Inc. Dallas/FortWorth - Jun 2018
Chief Analytics Officer OnProcess Technology Dallas/FortWorth - Jun 2018
SVP Growth & Strategic Partnerships US Mobile Phones Dallas/FortWorth - Jun 2018
VP Business Development PowerOn Services, Inc. Dallas/FortWorth - Jun 2018
Associate Professor Of Professional Practice Texas Christian University (TCU) Dallas/FortWorth Worth - Jun 2018
Supply Chain Project Manager - Commercial Returns Philips Nashville - May 2018
Senior Manager Returns & Damages Best Buy Nashville - May 2018
Senior Manager Reverse Logistics Best Buy Inc nas1
Director Supply Chain Operations: Returns Management Acer America Corporation nas1
CEO PlanITROI nas1
Senior Manager Reverse Logistics Best Buy Inc tn18
Director Supply Chain Operations: Returns Management Acer America Corporation tn18
CEO PlanITROI tn18
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