The Hidden Costs Of Moving Services: What to Look Out For

Written by Barbara

Moving can be a stressful, expensive experience. Many people turn to moving services to make the process smoother and easier, but before signing on with any company it’s important to understand the hidden costs that some businesses may not disclose up front. Commercial Movers in Chicago are no exception – there are various fees you should watch out for when hiring movers.

Whether you’re moving your business or your family, these tips will help you figure out what extra charges might be added. Knowing what to expect can save you money and hassle during an already difficult process.

1. Equipment Rental Fees

When you hire Commercial Movers in Chicago, the company may charge additional fees for equipment rentals like dollies, hand trucks, furniture pads and straps used to secure your items during transport. Some companies will include these services as part of their quote while others may add them separately – so confirm which is true before committing to anything.

2. Long Carry Fees

Suppose the distance between where your items are loaded onto a truck and where they are unloaded is over 75 feet from one point along the path (including stairs or elevators). In that case, many moving companies will tack on long carry fees depending on how far away the drop-off point is located. Also bear in mind that if your property requires special permits or insurance coverage due to its size or weight, this could result in additional costs too.

3. Packing Supplies Charges

Packing supplies such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap can quickly add up when preparing for a move; however some Commercial Movers in Chicago offer full packing services as part of their package deal – so ask around for quotes from different companies before making any final decisions about who to use for your move. Keep in mind that if you don’t opt for these services upfront, then most companies will require customers provide their own supplies prior to loading goods onto their truck or van.

4. Storage Fees

If your new home isn’t ready by the time all your belongings arrive at their destination, most commercial movers in Chicago will offer short-term storage solutions until everything is sorted out at the other end; however, this service does come at an extra cost, so factor this into your overall budget if required.

5. Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Most reputable commercial movers in Chicago have insurance cover to protect against loss or damage during transit; however, sometimes clients require larger amounts than what is standard with certain packages; therefore, always double-check if extra protection is needed based on what type of goods you’re shipping across state lines etc., otherwise settling claims down the line could become complicated if something goes wrong mid-transit without adequate coverage being purchased at the outset.

6. Fuel surcharges

Depending on how far a delivery has to travel from the point of origin, most companies will charge fuel surcharges based on the mileage driven by the driver – so make sure you calculate this up front rather than waiting until the invoice arrives later down the line.

7. Additional labour costs

Whether it’s taking apart large pieces of furniture at the start of the journey OR reassembling the same once delivery reaches the destination – Most movers charge additional labor costs on an hourly rate basis – So keep track of the number of hours spent working each step of the way along the route to ensure the correct pricing structure has been applied upon completion of the job!

8. Shuttle Service Rates

When items can’t fit directly onto the truck & instead must be transported via a smaller vehicle known as ‘shuttle’ service – This means additional costs associated with transferring both ends of the journey – Be mindful to raise concerns timescale impact shuttle usage has upon total price quoted earlier stages planning!

By understanding these hidden costs associated with hiring commercial movers in Chicago, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when receiving the bill after the move is successfully completed! Researching different options available will also help ensure you get the best deal possible within a limited timeframe!

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