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How Do You Get Traffic To Your Site?

Written by Barbara

This is the single most common question asked by every single website owner at some stage.

There are lots of ways to drive traffic to a site, good search engine ranking, link exchanges, forum posting, joint venture deals, Pay Per Click advertising, ezine ads, banner ads etc. etc.

The problem is that the web is in constant flux and what worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work today.

But there is one way to drive high quality traffic to a site that will continue to work for you practically forever once you set it in place.

Find out what it is by clicking read more below.

Go listen to this

quick mp3 audio recording. You’ll hear from an average guy who is getting a ton of quality (laser-targeted) traffic at NO cost using simple article marketing techniques that anyone can copy… (yes, even you).

Well written, search engine optimized, interesting and well distributed articles will turn viral and bring your site high quality targeted traffic, probably indefinitely.

Websites are constantly looking for new content. If you can provide that content in the form of an article then you get what is essentially a free ad on each and every site that your article appears on.

Your ad is the short sign off ‘resource’ box in which you say a little bit about yourself or your site and include the all important link to your site. We all know how much value a link to your site has in the search engines. You basically score again here by building your link popularity in the search engines with each article that gets picked up by another site.

There are some great tips on properly formatting and promoting your site with articles here.

But what if you can’t write? What if you don’t have time or don’t want to write?

Simple, pay someone else to do it for you. You can get search engine optimized articles written for as little as $12 each.

Take a look at Rentacoder. You can post your article writing requests there and have lots of eager writers bid for the work.

OK, so you’ve got your articles what now?

You need to begin submitting them to as many article directories as you can find. I’ve saved you the trouble of finding these article directories by creating a list of 60+ directories here.

That’s fine if you have the time to visit each directory sign up and complete the submission forms, each one is different, it gets very time consuming. I know I’ve done it. I recently went through the whole list to submit a single article. Doing this ate up a huge chunk of my weekend.

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Barbara is a well experienced and expert consultant when it comes to business ideas, she understands the market much better than a normal person and has helped a lot of people in their career to find success