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A Process Approach for Management of Reverse Logistics Systems

A process approach is a different way of organizing how activities create value for your customers. Most times organizations are structured into functional departments, Marketing/ Engineering/ Sales etc with outputs divided among functional units which sometimes make the end-customer not visible to some of the functional units. Problems that happen between the interfaces of these functional departments often do not get any priority for resolution. This will usually result in no benefit to your customers and too much focus on the functions rather than overall organizational improvement.

The process approach has a focus on horizontal management which should cross all functional departments and will improve the management of the interfaces between the functions. Performance can be improved through a process approach. Processes are now managed as a system. ISO9001 requires you to have an understanding of all of your business processes, their sequence and interactions.

ISO9004 is designed to encourage organizations to look at their activities from a process viewpoint.

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