RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
It was a good event! Cheers to you and your team for growing the RLA back to a position of strength.
Pete Paisley
VP Supply Chain Onshoring Services
NCE Computer Group Inc


RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
Thank you for the amazing conference.
Ber Mitchell
VP Marketing


RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
These Reverse Logistics Association events are loaded with surprises, but the speakers and exhibitors are what make it worth attending anywhere worldwide. Thank you RLA for being such a super host ó and promoting the 12N/SQRL Code standard!
Sharon Richards
Director, Sales & Marketing
Eurosoft (UK) Ltd


RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
Even though I could only be there for the first day, it was a GREAT event! RLA should be proud!
Kathleen Siviter


RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
Great conference, incredible speakers and panels. Very informative. Thanks to the RLA for putting in the time and work to make it great!
Don Richards
Reverse Logistics Manager
Hit Promotional Products


RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
I look forward to the RLA conference every year as it is a great venue to meet up with peers, prospects, customers, colleagues and competitors in the RL industry to share best practices, meet new folks, and reconnect with those Iíve known for many years. Itís a great way to kick-start the year and is a Ďmust attendí event for those in the Reverse Logistics industry.
Bob Dumais
Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Ingram Micro


RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
\"3 days at the 2018 RLA conference resulted in 13 new long-term partnerships to explore, 2 of which have already begun to positively impact Tech Supplier\'s revenue and infuse energy into our organization. AND there were no power outages!\"
Daniel Salerno
Business Devlepment
Technology Supplier Inc


RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
The Reverse Logistics Conference and Expo is my favorite event of the year. My customers, partners and prospects are all together in one place allowing for a one-of-a-kind networking experience. As an exhibitor, the leads we obtain from this event are quality, giving us the opportunity to engage with decision-makers from the start. Our industry is important and we are all there to learn from one another to continue to improve our businesses.
Jennifer Foxworthy
Senior Manager, Strategic Relations & Partner Solu
PC-Doctor, Inc


RLA Conference & Expo: Las Vegas 2018
Iím impressed how youíve developed the event in such a short time.
Steven Koenig
Director, Industry Analysis