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RLA Seminars


RLA Seminars are one-day events held around the world at key industry locations creating easy access for anyone interested in learning best practices and strategies in Reverse Logistics. Check out the schedule to find a RL Seminar near you!

The seminars cover topics that are pertinent to OEMs, Retailers, Branded Companies and Third Party Service Providers — Returns Processing, Depot Repair, Customer Service, Call Centers, Service Logistics, Transportation, IT Process Management, Recycling, Warranty Support, Asset Management and many more. Do not miss out on the opportunity to hear directly from industry leaders as they roll up their sleeves and tackle the major issues in reverse logistics!

If you would like to see a seminar near you, or you would like discussion on any Reverse Logistics topics, please contact us at +1 801-331-8949.

Facility Tours

The highlight of each RLA Seminar is the facility tour showcasing some of the most efficient return, repair and services operations such as Best Buy/GENCO, Appleseed's, Sun StorageTek, FedEx Memphis Hub, AER Worldwide and Image Microsystems.

What past attendees have said about RLA Seminars...

"The RLA Seminars are awesome. The sessions are informative and I learned a lot. I specifically liked the networking aspect of the seminar which will continue to pay dividends."
Christopher Thompson, Reverse Logistics Project Manager, Colgate-Palmolive

"This was one of the most interactive seminars I have ever attended. The audience at the Memphis seminar were not afraid to ask the tough questions and get down to the real tactical issues facing reverse logistics professionals. I gained real insight to issues that I would not have thought about if I had not attended this event."
Mike Shelor, President and Chief Operating Officer, Patton Consultants

RLA Seminar: Salt Lake City 2008
Exploring the Process of Retail Returns


Continental Breakfast

8:00AM Seminar Welcome
Rebekah Nixon,
Faculty and Seminars Manager
Reverse Logistics Association
8:10AM Service Level Agreements: RFQs, Contracts, and SOWs
Gailen Vick, President, Reverse Logistics Association
OEM Outsource Decisions and Building The RFQ, 3PSP Responding To The RFQ, Outsourcing/Service Best Practices, Contract Requirements And Reverse Logistics Components, Understanding The Statement Of Work (SOW). Workbook included.
10:15AM Morning Break
10:30AM Tony Sciarrotta,
Director of Returns Management,
Philips Consumer Electronics
Reverse Logistics: Understanding The Business Impact of Returns: Who Do We Serve?
11:30AM-1:30PM Lunch - Round Table Discussions
Facility Tour of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Distribution Services Center - Sponsored by Hoj Engineering & Sales Co., Inc.

(Shuttle will depart for the facility tour at 1:30PM and will return at 2:45PM)
3:00PM Jennifer Kurtz,
Business Strategy Manager,
Working With Retailers to Reduce Returns
4:00PM Doug Pratt,
Global Logistics Manager,
Case Study – Implementing a Reverse Logistics Program at a New Supplier
4:45PM Afternoon Break
5:00PM Moderator:
David Meldrum-Taylor
Director of Research
Reverse Logistics Association
Panel Discussion: Proactive Methods to Minimize Product Returns
Jeremy Vick,
VP Global Marketing Solutions and Sales,
Tony Sciarrotta,
Director of Returns Management
Jennifer Kurtz,
Business Strategy Manager
Doug Pratt,
Global Logistics Manager
6:00PM-7:30PM Evening Reception
Great food and networking!
Hilton Salt Lake City
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