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2013 International CES

January 8-11, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Location: LVH Ballroom
Dates: January 8-11, 2013
Booth: LVH 61009

The Reverse Logistics Association is pleased to announce that for the fourth year we are partnering with the Consumer Electronics Association as a Media Sponsor for the 2013 International CES. This partnership gives members of the RLA a unique opportunity to showcase their company’s RL capabilities to the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

RLA Members can join us at the RLA exhibit booth to educate others on the Reverse Logistics process and on the solutions RLA member companies offer. At the top of this page in the blue box is a “booth schedule” button which will allow you to reserve your time to participate in the RLA exhibit booth. Once you have signed up for time at the RLA booth, you will receive a follow up email with information about booth standards.

We will also spotlight on our RLT Shows website, RLA member companies that join us at CES, and cross promote booth locations for RLA members who are exhibiting. If you are also exhibiting at CES, please let us know your booth location so that we can cross-promote your company. In addition, members can sponsor giveaways at the RLA booth to highlight their company’s specific capabilities.

This unique venue also allows members of the RLA Industry Committees to participate at the booth to educate attendees on the mission and accomplishments of their committee, and to build up the committee’s network within the industries involved.

To ensure that your company’s RLA Membership is current, visit our website and login, then check “My Profile” to see your membership expiration date, or click here to renew your membership.

We look forward to seeing you at the world’s top tech event in 2013!

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